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Mobile Mystery Dinners Presents:
Saturday, August 30, 2014
gangster items
Mobile Carnival Museum
355 Government Street, Mobile, AL  36602
7:00 PM


Advance Reservations are Required. 
Make your reservations online at by CLICKING HERE.

251-865-7398 for questions.

THE CHICAGO CAPERBetty Boop putting on stockings

NEWS RELEASE:  September 26, 1928

Coppone Released From Prison!!
Notorious gangster andgangsters in a car Chicago gang leader Harold "Hal" Coppone was released today from Awsume State Penitentiary near Philadelphia after serving a six-month term. Coppone, who was jailed for carrying an unlicensed weapon, was met by a group of his men - among them was Chicago gangster Joey "The Rattlesnake" Ratello, chief suspect in the recent killing of Marco "Machete" Molino.  They all  departed quickly in a powerful seven-passenger Lincoln Touring car. 
While he had nothing to say to the press, Coppone and his men were undoubtedly headed back to Chicago where, it is rumored, they have more than one score to settle. His release is expected to trigger a wave of violence.   

Instead, Coppone has disappeared. To the small group gathered in a speakeasy near Coppone's headquarters, the crimelord's whereabouts becomes only part of the mystery when murder is discovered!  Hal Coppone has been murdered and his 40 million dollars is missing from his vault, mystifying both police and the criminal underworld. 

"SILKY" M. ADAM, a slinky and shady lady who owns and operates The Everlay Club has invited everyone to dinner. But, the secret setup is that she is keeping everyone there until the murderer has been revealed and the 40 mil is split with her.  

There's no shortage of suspects, motives, speakeasy glamor or gorgeous flappers and sultry singing by our own "Torchy," Alana Ellard,  in this crime tale.
Come join in as these shady characters spin their webs of deception and see if you can guess whodunit!!
Molly M. Awbsterr - (Susan Ames) betty boop with cards
S. Treighton Harrow - (Eric Drizzle)
Billy "The Kid" Thrower - (Tom Ball)
Silky M. Adam - (Mimi Bryant)
Sandie Trapp "Birdie" - (Pat Marion)
Ernie G. Ambler - (Alex Murdock)
Malissa F. Orrthot "Scoop" - (Jill Ball)
Anna Sassine  "Torchy" - (Alana Ellard)
Police Detective Chris P. Bacon - (Mike Hughes)

Doors Open at 6:30
Dress is Casual
(unless you want to come dressed as a gangster or flapper...
You Will Be With Us For Three Hours


$59.00 Per Person Includes:
* A Tour of the Museum
* An Unlimited Wine Bar until the end of the play
* A delicious Buffet-Style Meal

* 2.5 Hours of Hilarity with the MMD Players

(Our Plays are for those 18 years old or Older)