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Matinee Performance
Sunday, February 28th, 2016 at 5:30 PM
at AZALEA MANOR, 751 Dauphin Street
Death in a tutu, asks the question, who killed Mr. Adam Zapple, the respected patriarch of the Zapple family.  Bubba found him in the privy and, at first, he thought death in a tutu Mr. Zapple was just playin' possum 'cause he had gotten real liquored-up earlier, but it turned out that Mr. Zapple was deader than a door nail, just sprawled on the floor, there in the privy!  Bubba ran like a scalded dog to tell mamma and that's when the pandemonium began!
Even though Mr. Zapple was a husband and leader of the large Zapple family, he was not exactly a God-fearing, or even a very nice guy.  In fact, he really was not very well liked by anyone he knew in Mobile County.
No one was surprised when his family revealed a variety of  reasons and motives to murder him.  Everyone in this eclectic family seems to have a good reason to 'knock him off.'  
As Vicar Cecil Cuthbert and Sister Helen Backe try to 'pray' Mr. Zapple into heaven, there's mayhem and finger-pointing aplenty as this collection of dysfunctional Southern-fried eccentrics set out to try to solve the crime while they're eatin' high on the hog at his wake as poor Mr. Zapple lies in his coffin awaiting burial.   Death in a Tutu

We'd be much obliged if ya'll would come sit a spell, enjoy some good viddles with your libation and help us try to guess which one of these folks did the deadly deed!!! 
Ya'll come on down, ya hear!?!!
Due to Adult Innuendo, Mature Audience Suggested.


These plays fill up early!
For Information, Call 251-865-7398
or go to Frequently Asked Questions on our website. 


Doors Open At - 6:30 PM
$59.00 Per Person Includes:
* An Unlimited Wine Bar for the duration of the evening
* A delicious meal
* 2.5 Hour hilarious play by the MMD Players!
Dress is Casual and you will be with us 
for approximately three hours
MENU MENU FOR Sunday, 02-28-16
chef with dinner
Corn Bisque
Spring Mix Salad with Dried Cranberries, Walnuts, Raspberry Vinaigrette
Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast 
Twice Baked Potato Casserole 
Snap Beans with Tomatoes & Onions 
Yeast Roll
Peach Cobbler
Unlimited Wine - (6:45 PM for duration of evening)
Sweet & Unsweetened Tea
Coffee, and Water w/Lemon


Due to Adult Innuendo, Mature Audience Suggested
Your online payment confirms your attendance at the play. 
We do NOT send tickets.
All Sales Are Final Two (2) Days Before Date of Play
If you do not receive an email confirmation after you have made your reservation, please call 251-865-7398 because you may not be on the attendance list if your reservation is not confirmed.
When you make your reservation,
ALWAYS be sure to let us know if -
** you are with a group and if so, give the name of each person in your group...
and -
** if you have any food restrictions or allergies or if you are a vegetarian.
Your payment is your confirmation and when you make your reservation, we receive your name and whether or not you are in a group and this gets transferred to the attendance list. 
When you enter the building, you will see your name tags in the foyer on your right, on a table. 
Your name tags will have your name and your table number on them.  We assign tables to keep groups together.
We do plays in two home locations - 
Azalea Manor 
and Mobile's Carnival Museum.
If the performance is at AZALEA MANOR, 
it is located at 751 Dauphin Street. 
There is plenty of free parking - there is parking next to the Manor and across the street at the corner of Bayou and
Dauphin, if the side parking lot is full.
If the performance is at the CARNIVAL MUSEUM, it is located at 355 Government Street.  There is also plenty of free parking at the Museum. If the side parking lot is full, there is more parking available in the back of the museum at the corner of Church and Franklin Streets.....


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